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'Humans have always had it within them to be either good or evil. Sometimes it’s a personal choice but often that choice is made for them by an outside influence. What a great way to have a conflicted character, and believe me, I really wanted [Sam] to be conflicted. After all, he’s trying to save humanity when humanity want nothing to do with him.'


by VANESSA HARBOUR, Creative Writing lecturer at the University of Winchester.

'It is Melvin Burgess that stated that young adults can deal with anything as long as it is in context and I used his book Junk (1996) as the starting point for the research part of my thesis.'



'Stand at the bottom of the mountain and look up. What do you see up there? Somewhere right at the top is a publishing deal. It’s there for the taking – all you have to do is climb up and grab it. Take another look. You really think you can go all the way? Of course you can! But, how?'

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